Colors & Construction


Construction standards in your area:

The models we offer have framing spaced no more than 5' apart, and braces on every leg, standard.  These models are Certified and rated to withstand at least 140 mph winds and 35 psf when installed on concrete. (For optional Ground Certification, we will add mobile home anchors to the price.)  They come standard with a 90-day workmanship warranty, as well as a 20-year warranty against rust-through on the roofing materials.

14 Colors to choose from!


There are 14 different colors to choose from, for the ROOF, WALLS, and TRIM.

You may also choose the Horizontal Wainscoting option, which makes the bottom 3' the same color as your roof.

This option is free for buildings with 9' legs or taller, but Vertical Wainscoting will cost $6.25 per linear foot.

* Engineered Drawings Fee:

- FREE for a PDF version (email)

- $250 plus tax for Generic Wet Seal drawings (stamped with state seal on every page)

- $850 plus tax for Site Specific that does not need engineering calculations.  Takes a Minimum of 4 weeks to get back, but will include the customer's name, address, local wind/snow loads, and exact building dimensions with door/window placement.

- $400 plus tax for PE Letter

- Plans that require engineering/calculations or are for a large building will be determined by an order per order basis.  These plans will take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete.

Please check with your local permit office for information concerning your required Certification and the type of plans you will need.

Carport Covers

Regular Style


Regular Style Covers have HORIZONTAL panels on the roof, and offer additional clearance near the corners.  (The ridges of the steel will run from the front to the rear, and water will drain towards the front or rear of this roof.)

Boxed Eaves


Boxed Eave Style Covers have HORIZONTAL panels on the roof, and feature a 6" overhang all the way around the structure.  (The ridges of the steel will run from the front to the rear, and water will drain towards the front or rear of this roof.) 

Vertical Roof


Vertical Roof Style Covers have VERTICAL panels on the roof, and feature a 6" overhang all the way around the structure.  Hat channels support the roof panels, and there is a Ridge Cap at the top of the peak.  (Water and snow will drain to the sides of this roof.)

Piece by Piece: Regular/Horizontal


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Piece by Piece: Boxed Eave/Vertical


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Sizes are listed (WIDTH)x(LENGTH)x(HEIGHT)


Regular Style Garage


Regular Style Garages are the most popular choice for customers who are wanting an inexpensive way to obtain reliable storage space.  Because of the additional clearance offered near the corners, we do not have to design them as tall as the other models.

Boxed Eave Garage


Customers wanting to match the look of their house will choose the Boxed Eave Style Garage.  This style is great for models 31' long or less.  There is a 6" overhang all the way around the building.

Vertical Roof Garage


The Vertical Roof Style Garage is recommended for models longer than 31', and for areas with heavy snow-loads.  One benefit of the Vertical Roof is the ridge-cap, which allows ventilation through the peak of the roof. 



These structures are great for storage!  Options include: Roll-up Doors, Walk-In Doors, Windows, and more!



Whether you want a 12' - 24' wide Single/Double Garage, or a 26' - 30' wide Triple-wide Garage, WE HAVE THE RIGHT SIZE FOR YOU!

Multi-Vehicle Garage...


Lengths will increase by 5' increments- AS LONG AS YOU NEED!  We can design 4-Car, 5-Car, even 10-Car Garages!


Regular Style Combo-Building


Another economical design is the Regular Style Combo-Building with rounded corners.  This model offers more clearance near the corners than the other two styles. 

Boxed Eave Combo-Builidng


 If you would like to place a roll-up door on the eave-side of your structure, you will want to choose one of the Boxed Eave Combo-Buildings.  This model is great for models 31' and less.

Vertical Roof Combo-Building


The Vertical Roof Combo-Building is the  best style for models LONGER than 31', or if you just want the best roof that we offer!  The ridge-Cap offers additional ventilation inside the enclosed section.


Custom Designs Available!


If you can tell us what you are looking for, we can help you design it!

So Many Options!


Your Garage and Cover can be customized with options such as Gable Ends,  Decorative entrances, Extra Panels, Roll-up Doors, Walk-in Doors, Windows, and More!

We have the perfect size for YOU!


With so many Widths, Lengths, and Heights to choose from, we can find a structure to fit your needs!

Horse Barns

Regular Style Horse Barns


Regular Style Horse Barns have more of a "Barn" look.  This is the most cost-effective model, and offers the most clearance near the corners, when compared to the other two styles.


Boxed Eave Horse Barns


The Boxed Eave Style Horse Barn is the most popular style, and is best for models 31' and shorter.  We can fully enclose the entire structure, or section by section, to create one big Garage, or several smaller ones.

Vertical Roof Horse Barns


Vertical Roof Style Horse Barns are great for any size Barn, but are strongly recommended for models longer than 31'.   

Seneca Combo's


Seneca models have a Continuous Roof-line.  There is a 3' difference in leg-height from the Center section to the Lean-To's.

Seneca Covers


Seneca Models can be Custom Designed as Covers, Garages, or Combo Buildings!

Seneca Garages


With so many design options available, we are sure that we can help you find exactly what you are looking for!