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Building Designs is an Authorized Dealer for 10 of the largest suppliers in the industry- This allows us to choose the Best suppliers in the industry, for EVERY area that we are able to service!  

We are currently updating our website, to include both specific information for EVERY state that we are able to serve- Until we have completed this, some states will be directed to our eBay site, where you will find many examples of the different structures we are able to design- we can customize EVERY design!

Choose a basic design for your building-

Do you need a Carport Cover?  How about a Garage?  Maybe you want the best of BOTH worlds, so a Combo Building is the way to go!  Are the elements causing unwanted damage to your RV?  We offer RV Covers with leg-heights up to 16'!  Horse Barn Style buildings are great for the animals AND to enclose as a spacious Garage!  Commercial Grade models are available for warehouses or super large Canopies!  We have all-steel structures for every need!  Steel Carports and Metal Garages will last a life-time!

What style is best for YOU?

As you can see, there are three basic roof styles to choose from at Building Designs for Carport Covers:  

Regular Style models have horizontal roof panels and are rounded on the outside edges, which offer more clearance near the corners- they are also the most economical design.

Boxed Eave style structures have horizontal roof panels and squared corners- some people call this an A-Frame Roof.  The eaves are boxed-in (thus, the name of this style).

Vertical Roof models have Boxed Eaves, Vertical roof panels, a Ridge-Cap, and Hat Channels (to support the panels).  This model is great for snow-prone areas and are strongly recommended for models longer than 31'.  


All that we require is a level surface, within 3", and at least 2'-3' of space around your structure, for the installers to have room to work.  This can be ground, gravel, asphalt, or a concrete pad or footers.

Ground Installation:  Standard anchoring on level ground, gravel, or asphalt will include 32" Rebar Spikes (temporary anchors) to anchor your structure.  Mobile Home Anchors (Helical Anchors) are available, as well, and are a more permanent way of anchoring a structure to ground. - Certified structures (rated for wind and/or snow) installed on ground will require the mobile home anchors.

Concrete installation:  When a structure is installed on a concrete pad or footers, we will drill into the concrete and anchor the structure with concrete anchors, or expansion bolts.

Options, options, options......

Once you have designed the structure of your dreams, it is time to make it your own:  

Additional Panels, Half-Panels with Trim, Roll-up Doors, Walk-in Doors, and Windows are just a few of the options to choose from.  You may also wish to have Extra Bows, Welded Steel Trusses, Trim kits, or Frame-Outs added to your new structure!  We are even able to offer Insulation (which works great for Metal Garages) and Condensation Barrier in some areas!

Important Information:


Once you have chosen a structure to purchase, call toll free (877) 648-7222 to select your colors and pay up to 15% down by phone.  If our website or eBay store doesn't have the model, size and features you would like, we will help you design a building that fits your needs and is perfect for you.  Certified Models are available upon request to meet all State and Local Codes! Engineered drawings are also available upon request, and may incur additional cost. Prices may vary in some states.  All sales are final!  We are not able to offer refunds on down-payments once an order has been placed.  Unfortunately, we do not have any control over the delivery process, so we are not able to offer refunds on down-payments due to slow delivery, or delays created by poor weather conditions. Modifications and revisions may incur additional cost. It is the customer's responsibility to obtain any necessary permits.  Before requesting a price and placing an order, customers must check with their local permit office to find out the requirements in their area and are responsible for informing us of those requirements. Customers must also determine product suitability of the structure to be installed on their property and it's intended use. We offer Free Delivery and Installation inside the Continental United States for our Carport Cover and All Steel Structure Line. Delivery quotes are estimations.  Some areas may experience slower or faster delivery times. Taxes are not included in the price. Local sales tax must be paid on all purchases.   Thank you.

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