How Delivery Works:

- When you place an order for a structure, we will tell you the ESTIMATED turn-around time for your area.  (For example: 2-4 weeks)   *The schedules are not finalized until about 3 days in advance of delivery, and it is impossible to precisely predict a schedule before it is written, for the reasons listed below:

  1.  There must be a certain amount of orders on a load, in order to send the installers out for deliveries:   There normally has to be at least $14-$17 thousand dollars worth of orders on a load, in order for the suppliers to authorize scheduling to send out the install crews.

2.  Each of those orders must be coordinated together within an area, and all customers must be willing and able to accept the delivery.  Every customer MUST be contacted DIRECTLY, and verbally give acceptance of the scheduled delivery date.

3.  Each load will be given to the next available install crew that is assigned to your local factory.   For the safety of that crew, we will pay close attention to the weather forecast for your entire delivery area.  (Sometimes, this is not only your local forecast- the delivery area consists of the factory location, and all scheduled deliveries for each load.)

-  We will try and give you as much notice as possible, but please keep in mind that the turn-around time we give you upon placing your order is only an estimation! (Estimations are educated guesses, based on the experiences of the scheduler for your area, and they do their best to predict a schedule before it is written!)  

-  There are many factors that influence delivery such as: weather, traffic, the time it takes to install the previous customer's orders, etc., so we appreciate your patience and cooperation!

     Some important things to remember: 

  • The scheduling date is not set until the scheduling office confirms the appointment with you, at least 3 days in advance.
  • Every estimated date that we give you before that is ONLY an estimation.  We do our best to keep customers informed and updated.
  • Even when the scheduling office calls you to confirm your appointment, it is STILL possible that your scheduled date can change, due to unforeseen circumstances.  (Please remember that these installers are delivering and installing many buildings in addition to yours-- things like flat tires, truck problems, customers sites not being ready, weather-- all of these things are rare, but can affect your delivery date and time.)
  • PLEASE try your best to NOT take off of work for the installation date.  (Because the date can always change due to the many factors that influence the delivery, some customers have taken off of work, only to be re-scheduled!  Please try to have someone else available for the install, or mark out the spot where the building needs to go. It is best to have someone at the site for the installation, but you do have a workmanship guarantee...If you are not able to be there, and you notice something that needs to be corrected, all you need to do is let us know!)

- Even the best suppliers can experience delays or mechanical issues.  In our experience, the most important thing is the way that these rare situations are handled. 

Thank you  

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